What Makes the Perfect Coffee Mug

What makes drinking coffee at home better than going out? Yes, you can drink coffee in your flannel pajamas and fuzzy slippers, but that is not quite the reason. Of course you can make the coffee as strong or weak as you like it, but that’s not it either. The answer is that you can use your own coffee mug. Some people take this for granted, but yet they reach for that same mug every time they have coffee at home. Some of you reading this know exactly what the point is: you have your favorite mug just for drinking coffee at home. The rest of you might be asking what is so special about a silly old mug? 


This is one of the biggest reasons people will use the same mug for years and years. Somehow that specific vessel is comforting and inviting; coffee just tastes better out of that one mug. It doesn’t matter if that mug has cracks on the inside and the design has faded, that is the one that helps a person wake up first thing in the morning. The handle is just the right size and it holds the perfect amount of coffee. Perhaps this is the mug you turn to when you are feeling sad or angry or even scared; knowing that it is there full of your favorite brew. To someone that does not drink coffee regularly, this might sound silly because it is just a coffee cup. To a regular coffee drinker, this is anything but “just a coffee cup.”


Some people choose a coffee mug by how much it holds. Some people like a large mug that they can wrap their hands around in the cold months of winter. Some people like a standard sized mug and just refill it when needed. Some people actually choose smaller mugs for a quick cup before they head out for the day. 


There are those items that hold special meaning because they were given by a loved one or even belonged to a loved one at one time. There is something to be said about feeling a connection to loved ones through the use of sentimental objects. It is almost like the person is there with you, enjoying some coffee too. Maybe your special mug came from a vacation with your spouse/family and drinking out of it reminds you of the great time you had. Maybe your special mug was given to you to celebrate a promotion at work or graduating high school/college. Whatever wonderful memories are attached to your mug, enjoy them every time you use it.


Now, it is no secret that are some really cool designs offered on coffee mugs; in fact some people collect them for that reason. No matter how many cute/funny designed mugs you have though, you probably have one that gets used more than any of the rest, right? Of course you do, that is because you like it the most. Plain and simply put, each coffee drinker is different and they each have their own favorite color and/or design on their favorite mug. 


Some coffee drinkers are particular about what kind of material their favorite mugs are made out of. Some prefer stainless steel so it will stay warm longer, some prefer ceramic because it can be used in the microwave. Some people like drinking their favorite brew from a glass mug. 

Only a true coffee drinker can understand the importance of the perfect coffee mug for home use. If nothing else, using your favorite mug is much more personal and enjoyable than a Styrofoam cup from a coffee shop or convenience store. If you never really gave your coffee mug much thought, then take notice of it, raise it up and enjoy!

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