Tips on Feeding a Family better for less Money

The cost of living and feeding a family is something that has in many instances risen in recent years in indirect proportion to levels of income. As credit crunch bit hard and income was frequently reduced, the grocery bills stayed the same or rose and caused all forms of domestic problems and complications. Tough as they may be, however, grocery bills are one of the easiest to trim, given a little bit of thought and sensible consideration.

Take stock of your situation

The family grocery bill may be high enough in its own right but where you are eating takeout food on a regular basis, your budget may easily be trimmed even further. Spend a little time looking at your overall food expenditure and documenting it. Until you develop a bigger picture, you can’t authentically determine how to reduce your overall spending. Write down your average expenditure that you have it in black and white each week and it is thereafter much easier to reduce.

Family food tastes

What are your family’s favorite dishes? Burger and fries? Pizza? Mac and cheese? Whatever it may be, there are always healthier alternatives. A burger is easily made from ground beef or pork with a few fresh herbs and ground spices. It can be served on a fresh bread roll as opposed to a sugar and salt rich burger bun. Homemade pizza is not only healthier but can be prepared at a fraction of the price of takeout. Try to determine the favorite basic ingredients of your family rather than the finished meal products and build from that point onwards.

Shopping around

It may not always be the case but a majority of people have options for doing their weekly grocery shop. Habits often ensure that you visit the same store each week at the same time but consider other stores, or visiting later to perhaps obtain the benefits of bargain produce as it approaches its sell by date. Savings are not always substantial in the short term but can over a period of time make a significant difference to budgets.

Meal schedules

All too often in the modern era, family members have different commitments, at different times of day, requiring they eat at different times. While sometimes this cannot be avoided, there are other times where teenagers in particular have to be brought in to line. Yes, they may be young adults with their own perceived lives to lead but at the same time they are living at home, with the family, with the requirement to fit in to family schedules in many different ways. This means that although their spreading wings is something that has to be recognized, their continuing commitment to the family and proper meal schedules has to be acknowledged as a two way event. It is much easier and more economically friendly to create one family meal schedule and menu than two or even three.

Living well for less is not a one off, simple consideration. It is about constantly reviewing food purchases and food budgets, as well as changing circumstances, to get the best out of life in both respects for all the family. The good news is that there need be no hard and fast timescales but the more attention paid to the concept, the better the benefits in the long term for all parties concerned. Save money, be healthier and never look back in terms of improving the lifestyle of your family and enjoy the related privileges for all concerned.

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