The Classic Midori Sour

The Midori Sour has quickly become one of the world’s most widely drunk cocktails. This popularity has arisen because of the sweet and sour taste that is highly effective at masking the alcoholic taste of the drink.

The Midori Sour is a drink that is excellent on a night out, a party around someone’s house or even drunk alone at the end of a hectic day.

The ingredients needed to make a single serving of a Midori Sour are –

1 ounce of Midori melon liqueur

1 ounce of sour mix

2 ounces of Sprite

2 fresh cherries

The Midori Sour is named for Midori melon liqueur, the alcoholic base for the cocktail. Midori is a liqueur made by the Suntory drinks company of Japan and is named for the Japanese word for green; Midori is bright green in colour. Now widely available, Midori is also about 20% alcohol by volume.

Sour mix is also known as Sweet and Sour Mix, Lemon Sour Mix or Whiskey Sour Mix and manufactured mixes are available form many stores that sell alcohol. Alternatively a sour mix can be made from one part lemon juice to one part sugar syrup (sugar syrup being 3 parts sugar to two parts water).

With all the ingredients to hand a highball, or tall, glass should be taken and filled with ice. Into the glass should be poured the one ounce of Midori, and then the sour mix, Sprite and cherries can be added. The ingredients should then be thoroughly stirred together and voila the Midori Sour is ready to drink.

It is not essential to use Sprite in the recipe and an alternative drink such as 7-Up is equally as appropriate. There are also other melon liqueurs that could be used instead of Midori, including the likes of Dekuyper and McGuinness, although of course the resulting drink should not be called a Midori Sour.

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