Dr. Darshan Shah brings Cosmetic Surgery to a Higher Plane

Not all cosmetic surgeons are competent medical practitioners.  Only certified Plastic surgeons who hold a medical decree and have specialized in re-constructive plastic surgery are.  In addition, the really good ones are recognized by the Board of American Medical Specialists as Plastic Surgeons and not as mere cosmetic surgeons.   Among them is Dr. Darshan Shah who is a trained plastic surgeon who founded and now operates a successful beauty clinic in the Malibu, Fresno and Bakersfield areas in the state of California.  If you are looking to enhance your looks or undo what nature was not kind enough to do for you, visit his Beautologie Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center in any of these cities.

Dr. Darshan Shah graduated from a combined 6-year BS and MD degree with the highest honors from the University of Missouri in Kansas City. He undertook a 5-year internship in surgical medicine at the Kern Medical Center of the University of California in San Diego, going through an intensive training in general, trauma and heart surgery for which he earned his Board certification as a surgeon.  He then specialized in breast cancer surgery which laid the foundation for him further specialize in reconstructive breast plastic surgery and for which he garnered a number of prestigious awards.

His stint at the prestigious Mayo clinic further honed his plastic and reconstructive surgery skills.  Dr. Darshan Shah eventually got recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties as a Plastic Surgeon launching a more rewarding career in the cosmetic industry where only a few are competent and certified plastic surgeons with the certified medical discipline that brings the industry to high repute.

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